We are pleased to announce we have just  managed to sign up a large law firm in a clear case of  mis-sold google AdWords. The multi discipline firm had been constantly badgered into using AdWords by a third party provider.

Eventually meetings were set up with the agency and after 4 or 5 discussions where primary targets and objectives were laid out the lawyers agreed to sign up to a six month AdWords campaign.

Unfortunately the campaign was unsuccessful and after 2 months the law firm decided to pull the plug. The agency refused to allow the law firm to cancel the contract and asked for more time citing issues with Google and the platform adapting to keyword optimization!

It became more apparent that something was amiss and after constant pressure the agency again demanded to cancel the remaining cycles.

The law firm asked to be shown the raw data from Google but were denied and informed that the information was unavailable to clients despite assurances before signing up to the cycles that such information would be readily available.

Instead of listening to the law firms needs they were told that to get a good response they needed to up their campaign budget .

Needless to say the law firm were horrified and refused. After lengthy discussions and six months of disputes the law firm declined to renew contracts and moved on.

Fast forward 3 years and the law firm have managed to contact us.

If your Law Firm has been mis-sold AdWords or had any issues with a third party AdWords provider contact us today.