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Helping companies that have been mis-sold adwords. Mainly UK SMB's that have been unwittingly duped into spending money online. Mission is to help as many UK SMB's as possible and in turn make the online marketplace easier to navigate for newbies and victims! All opinions are my own :)
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ReachLocal’s Sharon Rowlands Loses Court Case Against PPC Claim

We are pleased to announce that the long awaited case ReachLocal versus PPC Claim Et Al has been closed. This also means that the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) is also null and void leaving PPC Claim free to continue to expose ReachLocal and their hidden margins.

It has been a long, hard and expensive battle. […]

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Sharon Rowlands And ReachLocal Sue PPC Claims

ReachLocal CEO Sharon Rowlands has issued proceedings against PPC Claim. The complaint is made for trade secret misappropriation, intententional interference with contractual relations, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, violation of California business and professions code and declaratory relief.

The main argument is that PPC Claim have somehow managed to unlawfully obtain ReachLocal’s confidential and […]

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Paul Liascos Ex Reachlocal Sues PPC Claim For Defamation

Paul Liascos, Managing Director of ReachLocal has instructed Lawyers Norton Rose Fulbright to sue for defamation over an article we published recently regarding the Administration of Reachlocal. We have had the pleasure of dealing with Norton Rose Fulbright before, a certain Jonathan Ball, the same Jonathan Ball that managed to get a ‘victory’ over […]

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Sharon Rowlands and ReachLocal Inc Reported To Securities and Exchange Commission

Sharon Rowlands and Reachlocal Inc have been reported to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission after going on record and filing a quarterly report stating that the companies problems in the UK were unique.

Reachlocal UK recently went into Administration in the UK with declining revenues and claims of mis-selling to customers. The joint administrators proposals report has stated […]

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The Truth About ReachLocal UK Entering Administration

Its Official Almost!
The joint administrators proposals report to creditors on Reachlocal UK was published recently. The creditors are actually in the main Reachlocal Inc (they left a huge debt in the company which was rather clever as essentially this means that the administrators are working on behalf of Reachlocal!)

We would have written about it sooner […]

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PPC Claim Looking For Partnerships In America

Due to our recent success we are pleased to announce that PPC Claim will be entering new markets. We have recently been contacted by several aggrieved clients from the USA and have decided to roll out our PPC Claim service in the USA.

We need transparent partnerships with Google Adwords Resellers. No Platforms. Just Good […]

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100 + ReachLocal Clients Signed Up

Have you been mis-sold Google AdWords by Reachlocal ?
Were you told all the money you paid to Reachlocal would be spent on Google AdWords ?

We have over 100 clients that were told all the money they paid to Reachlocal would be spent on Google AdWords and that the management fee was only 10 percent. […]

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Most Shocking Margin Yet!


As some of you may already be aware we have been investigating and helping companies claim money back against ReachLocal UK. Reachlocal UK have been reselling Google Adwords to UK SMB’s since around 2009.

We have around 100 clients that we are working on behalf of. Part of our role is to report on how […]

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PPC Claim Teams Up With Slater And Gordon

We are pleased to announce Slater and Gordon as our preferred solicitors. All current and future claims will be handled by Slater and Gordon’s group litigation department including any claims against ReachLocal.

Slater and Gordon’s litigation team is headed up by Jacqueline Young. Jacqueline has been involved in a wide range of group litigation cases […]

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Caution: Enagage At Your Own Risk


How to recognise that you might have been or are about to be mis-sold Google Adwords:

If you are contacted by an Internet Marketing Consultant, Digital Expert, Online Marketer or any other similar title (we prefer the real title – salesman) claiming to be from Google, make sure you ask them to send you an email. […]

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